We are always in the process of further further refining our current acts and developing new ones.  Also we believe in working together with the show coordinator to create a custom program for each show and audience. We are always open to new ideas and formats. 

Please contact us for more information.

Precision Drill Team


In this precise and powerful drill, the team demonstrates the unique qualities of the our horses. Ridden on the incredibly smooth and fast gait of the Icelandic horse, the ’tolt’’, you will see unbelievable patterns and acceleration as 6-8 stallions, mares and geldings ride side by side at high speed without hesitation. This is a high energy performance that is good for later in a show, really gets the crowd pumped up and is often featured as a closing act. 

Fire & Ice Sparkler Drill


The team has actually trained our horses to carry sparklers on their legs. Seeing the horses’ legs churning across a darkened arena is a unique sight. This very dramatic act demonstrates the amazing trust that can exist between a man and a horse. Since the horses have been trained not to fear the sparklers and because the sparklers never actually touch the horse, there is no chance of injury to the animal. This can be performed with 2-4 horses.  We also have the possibility of incorporating live vocals in this act.

Pace Through Fire


The Icelandic horse has a gait called flying pace, where the horse can reach speeds of up to 35-40 mph over short distances. You will not believe how fast they will fly through the arena, and adding fire to the performance makes this a breathtaking sight that is sure to have the audience jumping out of their seats.

Torch Drill


Four horse drill ridden at the tolt while carrying flaming torches.  Great way to open a show!

Beer Tölt

2013-05-29 08.58.59.jpg

Who wouldn’t want to be able to ride with a mug of beer without spilling a drop? This ‘’fun-loving’’ act is always a crowd-pleaser. Trying to keep the beer in the glass at the smooth tolt is amusing, and toasting the audience at the end truly makes them feel like a part of the show. Sometimes we like to have a competition. This was done at PA Expo in 2014 were boys and girls square up in a ´Drink-off´ to see who finishes first. We´ve even been known to have some guest appearances by other famous performers such as Bobby Kerr and Josh Lyons